Join the Trans Health Service Providers Network in Ottawa

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers and Other Care Providers in Ottawa and the surrounding area: We need to hear from you!

Trans, Two Spirit, Intersex, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse people face significant barriers to equitable healthcare in Ottawa and across the Champlain region. Many trans people struggle to find inclusive healthcare providers, let alone providers equipped with the right knowledge and confidence to support trans people navigating the complexities of transition-related healthcare (i.e., hormone replacement therapy and gender-confirmation surgeries).

The Champlain region is currently facing a trans health crisis. The two primary trans health providers in the region, Centretown Community Health Centre’s Trans Health Program and CHEO’s Gender Diversity Clinic, are facing ever growing demand that outpaces capacity. Trans and gender diverse patients are facing waitimes of up to 22 months to access potentially life saving hormone starts and surgery referrals. A crucial step to improving trans health in the Champlain region is the active involvement of primary health care providers in gender-affirming care.

To address this, the Regional Planning Table for Trans Health Services, alongside Centretown Community Health Centre, are creating a network of trans health service providers in and around Ottawa. This network will help

  1. Identify trans-competent care providers in the region.
  2. Provide training and mentorship to physicians and other providers who are interested in providing care to trans patients.
  3. Strengthen referral pathways to help trans patients connect to trans-competent care providers.

Who is the Network for?

The network is for any health provider, including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, and others, who are currently providing care within the Champlain region.

Complete our survey:

If you:

  • Are a care provider currently seeing, or confident in your capacity to see, trans patients.
  • Are care provider who is not currently providing care to trans patients, but who is interested in learning more about trans-affirming healthcare.
  • know of a care provider who is seeing trans patients, or who might be interested in learning more about trans-affirming healthcare.