Statement on Supporting Access to Gender Affirming Care

We, the members of the Champlain Regional Planning Table for Trans, Two Spirit, Intersex, and Gender Diverse Health, Mental Health, and Social Services (RPT) are committed to improving the quality of and access to client-centered, culturally and clinically appropriate gender-affirming health care for trans, Two Spirit, intersex, and gender diverse people in and around Ottawa.

We express our appreciation to Premier Ford and Deputy Premier Jones for their commitment to respect the rights of patients and clinicians to make clinical decisions when it comes to gender-affirming care for trans and gender diverse children and youth. 

Two Spirit, trans, intersex, and gender diverse people hold the right to make personal choices about their health with the support of their families or caregivers, the guidance of health professionals, and without political interference. This includes making the decision to access gender-affirming health services. Click here for a letter signed by RPT organizational member, CHEO, written to Premier Ford and Deputy Premier Jones expressing appreciation for their commitment to protecting this right. We also invite you to read the Canadian Medical Association’s statement against government efforts to restrict access to gender-affirming care.

The RPT will continue to work towards a Champlain health system which can provide timely access to a full range of evidence-based and patient-centered care for Two Spirit, trans, non-binary and gender diverse youth and adults. Rooted in an understanding of the social determinants of health we will continue to look beyond health services and work towards systems and policies that honour the human rights of Two Spirit, trans, gender diverse and intersex people across mental health, social, and community settings.